Graphic Design Quiz

Graphic Design Quiz is an online quiz that will help you learn about the basic concepts of graphic design. Take the quiz and find out what you know about typography, layout, color theory, image editing and more. The quiz is interactive and allows you to practice your skills at any time. You can also compare your results with other users to see how you’re doing. 

Graphic Design Quiz

How to Play Graphic Design Quiz?

To participate in the Graphic Design Quiz, first make sure you’re using a browser that supports web-based forms. If you’re not sure whether your browser supports web-based forms, please consult the manufacturer’s website. Once you have verified that your browser supports web-based forms, please follow these simple steps:

  • Go to our website and click on the ‘Graphic Design Quiz’ link.
  • On the ‘Graphic Design Quiz’ page, click on the ‘Create an Account’ button.
  • Enter your name and email address in the ‘User Name’ and ‘Email Address’ fields, respectively.

Benefits of Graphic Design Quiz describe in number point

  • Taking a Graphic Quiz will help you to develop your design skills in an effective and fun way.
  • It will help you to gain an understanding of the different design principles, practices and techniques that are used in the graphic design industry.
  • You will learn how to apply these principles in a variety of different creative projects.
  • By taking a Design Quiz, you will be able to showcase your skills and knowledge to potential employers or clients.
  • This quiz helps you learn about the many benefits of graphic design, such as its ability to communicate a message, evoke emotion, and engage the viewer.
  • This quiz is a great way to improve your graphic design skills and test your knowledge of different areas of design.
  • It is also a fun way to learn about different graphic design concepts and to test your knowledge against other learners. 

How to work Graphic Design Quiz?

Take the quiz to learn about Graphic Design and see if you have what it takes to be a successful graphic designer! Our quiz will help you learn about the different aspects of Graphic Design, from Typography to Logo Design. You will be able to see which areas of the field are most suited for you, and figure out what kind of work you would enjoy the most. After taking the quiz, you will be better equipped to decide if graphic design is for you, and know where to start if it is! 

What do you get when you take the quiz?

You get a personalized report with your results, detailing your strengths and weaknesses in Graphic Design. From this report, you can learn things such as which areas of Graphic Design you are good at, and where you can improve. The quiz is an excellent way to start your journey into Graphic Design, or to see if you have the skills required to pursue a career in this field. So, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now! 

Graphic Design Quiz Questions

1. EDM is the acronym for:

  • A. Enterprise data management
  • B. Engineering drawing management
  • C. Enterprise drawing manipulation
  • D. Engineering data manipulation

Answer: A. Enterprise data management

2. The organized and orderly approach to solving problems is known as the:

  • A. Engineering process
  • B. Design process
  • C. Aesthetic process
  • D. Functional process

Answer: B. Design process

3. This is the range of digital or hard copy documents that specify the physical function requirements for a product:

  • A. Product design
  • B. Product definition
  • C. Drawing definition
  • D. Engineering design

Answer: B. Product definition

4. PDM is the acronym for:

  • A. Project drawing management
  • B. Product drawing manipulation
  • C. Product data management
  • D. Project data manipulation

Answer: C. Product data management

5. This is a systematic approach that integrates the design and manufacture of products with the goal of optimizing the process:

  • A. Traditional engineering design
  • B. The manufacturing process
  • C. Concurrent design
  • D. Design for recycling

Answer: C. Concurrent design