Bing College basketball Quiz

Bing College basketball Quiz is a fun and easy way to test your knowledge of college basketball. The quiz consists of 10 questions, and you have 10 seconds to answer each question. You can choose to play in English or Spanish. The questions are about teams, championships, players, and other college basketball trivia. The quiz is a great way to learn some interesting facts about college basketball.

Bing College basketball Quiz

How to Play Bing College basketball Quiz?

  • To enter the Bing College basketball Quiz, go to basketball and click the “Quiz” tab on the top of the page.
  • You can enter the Quiz in two ways:
    • By playing a quick quiz game or
    • By taking a longer quiz.
  • For the quick quiz game, you’ll be given questions about college basketball. You’ll need to answer all 10 questions correctly to qualify for the longer quiz.
  • If you don’t want to play the quick quiz game, you can take the longer quiz. The longer quiz has 20 questions and will take about 15 minutes to complete.
  • To qualify for the prize drawing, you must complete either the quick quiz game or the longer quiz.

Benefits of Bing College basketball Quiz

  • Fun and Engaging: College basketball quiz is both fun and engaging. It has been designed to test your knowledge of college basketball and provide a unique user experience.
  • Interactive and Customizable: The quiz allows you to choose the topics that you are interested in, making it more interactive and customizable.
  • Educational: Bing basketball quiz is educational, as it provides users with information about college basketball players, teams, and tournaments.

How to work Bing College basketball Quiz?

Bing College basketball Quiz is a game that tests your knowledge of college basketball. It’s easy to play—just click on the answer you think is correct. If you get it right, you’ll move on to the next question. If you get it wrong, you’ll have to try again.

The game is divided into four sections: Basic Information, Basketball Players, Tournament Bracket, and History of College Basketball. You can choose to play any or all of the sections. The quiz is a great way to learn more about college basketball and test your knowledge.

Bing College basketball Quiz Questions

1. Which team won the first National Invitational Tournament in 1938?

  • 1. Wake Forest
  • 2. Ohio State
  • 3. California
  • 4. Temple

Ans: 4. Temple

2. Which USC standout was the first woman to win consecutive final four MVP honors?

  • 1. Cynthia Cooper
  • 2. Pam McGee
  • 3. Cheryl Miller
  • 4. Lisa Leslie

Ans: 3. Cheryl Miller

3. Which of these players scored the most points at Wake Forest university?

  • 1. Josh Howard
  • 2. Skip Brown
  • 3. Rodney Rogers
  • 4. Dickie Hemric

Ans: 4. Dickie Hemric

4. In which city/town is the University of Maryland located?

  • 1. College Station
  • 2. Baltimore
  • 3. College Park
  • 4. Austin

Ans: 3. College Park

5. Which team was not a member of the Big 10?

  • 1. Indiana State
  • 2. Iowa
  • 3. Purdue
  • 4. Penn State

Ans: 1. Indiana State