Bing Sesame Street Quiz

Bing Sesame Street Quiz is a web app that helps children learn about letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. The app is based on the popular Sesame Street TV show. The quiz has three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. At each level, the child is asked to identify objects and characters from the show. The app also includes a printable worksheet and a coloring page.

bing sesame street quiz

How to Play Bing Sesame Street Quiz?

  • To enter the Bing Sesame Street Quiz, just head to the Bing homepage
  • Look for the Quiz tile in the carousel. Click on it
  • You’ll be transported to a quiz all about your favorite Sesame Street characters.
  • There are five questions in total, and you’ll need to answer them all correctly to win.
  • The questions get progressively harder, so be prepared for a challenge! If you get stuck, you can use the hint button to give you a little help.
  • When you finish the quiz, you’ll find out if you’ve won a prize. Good luck.

Benefits of Bing Sesame Street Quiz

  • The main benefit of the Bing Sesame Street Quiz is that it can help children learn more about a range of topics in a fun and interactive way.
  • The quiz is also great for helping children develop their cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Additionally, the quiz can help increase children’s vocabulary and general knowledge.

How to work Bing Sesame Street Quiz?

The Bing Sesame Street Quiz is a fun and educational game that tests your knowledge of Sesame Street characters, episodes, and songs. It’s a great way to learn more about your favorite show and have a blast while doing it! The quiz is easy to use. Just type in the name of the character or episode you want to know more about, and you’ll get a list of questions related to it. You can also choose to answer questions randomly or select them one by one. The quiz keeps track of your progress, so you can come back later and pick up where you left off.

Bing Sesame Street Quiz Questions

1. What year did Sesame Street debut on the National Educational Television network?

  • 1. 1969
  • 2. 1965
  • 3. 1971
  • 4. 1975

Ans: 1. 1969

2. Who was the designer of Sesame Street’s core cast of puppet characters, the Muppets?

  • 1. Frank Oz
  • 2. Carroll Spinney
  • 3. Jim Henson
  • 4. Bill Barretta

Ans: 3. Jim Henson

3. Over its long run, about how many Emmy Awards has Sesame Street won?

  • 1. Over 100
  • 2. 30
  • 3. 50
  • 4. 70

Ans: 1. over 100

4. How many countries is Sesame Street broadcast in?

  • 1. 3
  • 2. 120
  • 3. 75
  • 4. 90

Ans: 2. 120

5. How tall is Big Bird, one of Sesame Street’s larger-than-human puppets?

  • 1. 8 feet 2 inches (2.49 meters)
  • 2. 7 feet (2.1 meters)
  • 3. 8 feet 6 inches (2.59 meters)
  • 4. 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 meters)

Ans: 1. 8 feet 2 inches (2.49 metres)