Bing Parrots Quiz

Bing Parrots Quiz are a series of questions designed to test your knowledge of these amazing creatures. The quiz consists of ten questions that will test your knowledge of everything from their natural habitats to the different species of Bing parrots. So put on your thinking hat and see how many questions you can answer correctly!

Benefits of Bing parrots quiz

  • Taking a quiz can be fun, informative, and knowledgeable.
  • The Bing parrots quiz is a great way to learn about these interesting birds.
  • The quiz has ten questions that test your knowledge of these parrots.
  • It covers a variety of topics, including their appearance, diet, and behavior.
  • The quiz is short and easy to complete, and it’s a great way to test your knowledge of these amazing creatures.
Bing parrots quiz

How to play Bing Parrots Quiz?

In order to take the quiz, you’ll need to first sign in with your Microsoft account. If you’re logged in, you can start the quiz by clicking on the “Start Quiz” button. The quiz has 10 questions in total, and you’ll have a limited amount of time to answer each one. For each question, you’ll see four potential answers. Only one of those answers is correct, so choose carefully! If you get a question wrong, don’t worry—you’ll get feedback on the correct answer so you can learn from your mistakes. You’ll also get a score at the end of the quiz, so you can see how well you did.

Bing Parrots Quiz Questions

1. What is a number of native parrots in the United States is …

  • a. one – the Carolina parakeet
  • b. 10 different species
  • c. macaws and cockatoos

Ans. one – the Carolina parakeet

2. The longest parrot has length…

  • a. 40 inches (1m)
  • b. 60 inches (1.5 m)
  • c. 50 inches (1.25 m)

Ans: 40 inches (1m)

3. The natural habitat of parrots is …

  • a. Sparsely populated countryside
  • b. Tropical and subtropical regions
  • c. Cooler regions

Ans: Tropical and subtropical regions

4. The number of toes that are owned by parrots is …

  • a. two
  • b. four
  • c. three

Ans: four

5. The main diet of parrots is …

  • a. lizards and chameleons
  • b. tadpoles
  • c. plants, fruits, and seeds

Ans: plants, fruits, and seeds

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