Bing Scary Movie Quiz

If you’re looking for a good scare this Halloween, look no further than the Bing Scary Movie Quiz. This online quiz promises to test your knowledge of horror movies past and present. With questions on everything from slasher classics to recent zombie flicks, the Scary Movie Quiz is sure to give you a fright. So, if you’re looking for a spooky way to spend some time this Halloween, test your horror know-how with the Bing Homepage Quiz.

Bing Scary Movie Quiz

How to Play Bing Scary Movie Quiz?

To enter the Bing Scary Movie Quiz, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Bing homepage.
  • In the search bar, type in “Scary Movie Quiz.”
  • Click on the link that says “Take the Quiz.”
  • You will be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Once you have logged in, you can start the quiz by clicking on the green “Start Quiz” button.
  • The quiz will consist questions.
  • You will have 10 seconds to answer each question.
  • At the end of the quiz, you will be given a score and a ranking.
  • You can share your results on social media or by clicking on the “Share” button.
  • The winners of the quiz will be announced on October 31st.

Benefits of Bing Scary Movie Quiz

  • Bing Scary Movie Quiz is a fun and easy way to test your knowledge of horror movies.
  • The quiz is available online, making it convenient to use from anywhere.
  • The quiz is broken down into chapters, making it easy to navigate.
  • Questions are multiple-choice, making it easy to get the correct answer.
  • The quiz offers users the ability to share their results on social media.
  • The quiz is challenging but fun, and users can earn rewards for completing it.
  • The quiz is perfect for horror movie fans of all ages.

How to work Bing Scary Movie Quiz?

If you’re curious about what the Bing Scary Movie Quiz is all about, we’ll show you how to work it. The quiz is made up of ten rounds, and each round has a different theme. In each round, you’ll be given five questions based on that theme.

All you need to do is answer each question correctly and you’ll move on to the next round. If you get a question wrong, you’ll have to start that round over again. The final round is a free-for-all where you can answer any question from any of the previous rounds.

Bing Scary Movie Quiz Questions

1 – Which actor made his film debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street?

  • 1. Nicolas Cage
  • 2. Johnny Depp
  • 3. Charlie Sheen
  • 4. Robert Englund

Ans: 2. Johnny Depp

2- Which actor played the killer in Se7en?

  • 1. Brad Pitt
  • 2. Willem Dafoe
  • 3. Gary Oldman
  • 4. Kevin Spacey

Ans: 4. Kevin Spacey

3- What real-life killer inspired Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho?

  • 1. Ed Gein
  • 2. Richard Speck
  • 3. Charles Manson
  • 4. Joel Rifkin

Ans: 1. Ed Gein

4- Which of the following was not based on a Stephen King work?

  • 1. Cujo
  • 2. The Exorcist
  • 3. Misery
  • 4. Children of the Corn

Ans: 2. The Exorcist

5- Which of the following did not feature Jamie Lee Curtis?

  • 1. Friday the 13th
  • 2. Halloween
  • 3. Prom Night
  • 4. The Fog

Ans: 3. Prom Night