Sorting Hat Quiz

The Sorting Hat Quiz is an online quiz that helps you determine your house at Hogwarts. The quiz consists of 11 questions that ask about your personality and preferences. Based on your answers, the quiz will place you in one of the four houses at Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. If you’re not sure which house you belong to, or if you want to see which house your friends belong to, the Sorting Hat Quiz is a fun way to find out.

How does Sorting Hat Quiz work?

The Sorting Hat Quiz is a fun and easy way to find out which Hogwarts house you belong to. Just type in your name and birthday, and the quiz will do the rest. It’s based on the sorting hat scene from the Harry Potter movies, so it’s as accurate as possible.

Sorting Hat Quiz

The quiz is divided into four sections: personality, abilities, preferences and what house you think you would be in. At the end, you’ll get a custom report that tells you which house you’re most likely to be in, as well as a breakdown of your results in each category. So why not try it out today?

How to Play Sorting Hat Quiz?

Here are the steps to enter the quiz:

  • Type “sorting hat quiz” into the search bar and hit enter
  • Click on the Play Button for the quiz.
  • Answer a few questions to determine which Hogwarts house you belong to.
  • Share your results on social media for your friends to take the quiz, too!

Benefits of Sorting Hat Quiz

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Why Play  Sorting Hat Quiz?

To take the quiz, simply head to the Bing homepage and type “sorting hat quiz” into the search bar. Click on the link to launch the quiz. It will track the websites you visit and the keywords you use on each website. It will also track the videos you watch and the articles you read.

This information will help you learn how to use Sorting Hat Quiz to improve your online search results. Once you’re finished, share your results on social media and see if your friends can guess which house you got. 

1. What would you never like to be called?

  • A. Ignorant
  • B. Cowardly
  • C. Selfish
  • D. Ordinary

Ans: B. Cowardly

2. What do you expect people to do when they think about you after your death?

  • A. Miss me with a smile
  • B. Remember my achievements
  • C. Spread the stories of my adventures
  • D. I don’t really care.

Ans: Remember my achievements

3. After I’m dead, people should remember me as:

  • A. The Kind
  • B. The Great
  • C. The Intellectual
  • D. The Bold

Ans: The Great

4. If you can make a potion that is going to guarantee you one thing, what is it gonna be?

  • A. Love
  • B. Glory
  • C. Knowledge
  • D. Power

Ans: Knowledge

5. What smell is most appealing to you?

  • A. Home
  • B. The sea
  • C. Fresh parchment
  • D. A log fire

Ans: Home