Cloud Identification Quiz

The Cloud Identification Quiz is a free online quiz that helps you identify the types of clouds. It consists of 12 questions that ask you to identify different types of clouds based on their appearance. After you finish the quiz, you’ll receive a report that tells you the types of clouds you identified and how well you did. The quiz is a fun way to learn about clouds and test your knowledge.

Cloud Identification Quiz

What do I need in order to take the Cloud Identification Quiz?

Cloud Identification Quiz is a quiz that asks users to identify clouds according to certain information.

  • Click on the Cloud Identification Quiz link on this page.
  • Enter your name and email address in the form on the right.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • You will receive an email prompting you to click on the link in the email.
  • Once you have clicked on the link, you will be redirected to the quiz.
  • Answer all questions and click on the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the quiz. 

What are the benefits of taking the Cloud Identification Quiz?

The Cloud Identification Quiz is an online quiz that helps identify the different types of clouds. This information can be helpful in predicting weather patterns, understanding climate change, and more. In addition to these benefits, there are a few additional reasons why taking the quiz might be helpful for you.  

  • The quiz is interactive and fun.
  • It can help you learn more about clouds and the atmosphere.
  • It can help you become more familiar with the sky and weather patterns.
  • It can help you connect with other people who are interested in clouds and the weather.

How do I take the Cloud Identification Quiz?

To take the quiz, all you need is an internet connection and a webcam or phone with a camera. Once you’ve clicked on the quiz, you’ll be prompted to allow access to your camera. This is necessary for the quiz to work properly.

Then, you’ll be asked to choose a dark and a bright background. After that, you’ll be ready to go! The quiz will ask you to identify different types of clouds in real time. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to every question—most people don’t! We’ll provide you with information about each cloud so you can learn as you go.

How do I get started with taking the Cloud Identification Quiz?

The first step is to take our Cloud Identification Quiz. This quiz will help you determine your cloud type, which is the first step in understanding your risk for thunderstorms. You’ll also need to provide your zip code so we can accurately generate your forecast.

Once you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll be able to see a detailed forecast of storms in your area, including the risks associated with each type of cloud. You can also explore our educational resources for more information on thunderstorms and how to stay safe during one.

Cloud Identification Quiz questions

1. These are high clouds that are composed of ice crystals:

  • a. Cumulus
  • b. Nimbostratus
  • c. Altocumulus
  • d. Cirrus

Answer: d. Cirrus

2. A wall cloud is an example of a(n):

  • a. Accessory cloud
  • b. Upper level cloud
  • c. Cirrus
  • d. Lenticular

Answer: a. Accessory cloud

3. Clouds that develop due to convective uplift are termed:

  • a. Stratiform clouds
  • b. Noctilucent clouds
  • c. Cumulus clouds
  • d. Fair weather

Answer: c. Cumulus clouds

4. Which of the following is a cloud on the ground?

  • a. Funnel cloud
  • b. Fog
  • c. Wall cloud
  • d. Shelf cloud
  • e. All of the above

Answer: b. Fog

5. All the following are cirrus type clouds except:

  • a. Mackerel sky
  • b. Mare’s tails
  • c. Anvil
  • d. Fractus
  • e. Uncinus

Answer: d. Fractus