Bing Birds Quiz

Bing Birds Quiz is a fun way to test your knowledge of various birds. The quiz features images of different birds, along with their names and some fun facts. The quiz is easy to use; just click on the answer you think is correct and move on to the next question You can also select the “Show Answer” option to see if you got the question correct. So put your bird knowledge to the test and take the Bing Birds Quiz today!

Bing Birds quiz

Benefits of Bing Birds Quiz 

  • Tests your knowledge of birds.
  • Highlights areas you may need to research more.
  • Shows you some of the amazing diversity of bird life.
  • Encourages you to learn more about birds.
  • Fun and entertaining way to learn more about birds.

How to play Bing Birds Quiz?

The quiz is simple to play. Just choose an answer for each question and then hit the “submit” button. Your score will be tallied as you go, and you can see how you compare to other players at the end. There are 10 questions in total, and you get one point for every correct answer. Ready to put your bird knowledge to the test? Go ahead and try the quiz now!

What is the Bing birds quiz level of difficulty?

The quiz is easy to medium in level of difficulty, depending on your knowledge of birds. We’ve tried to make it as fun and challenging as possible, but also informative. With questions about everything from the wingspan of a Harpy Eagle to the diet of a European Robin, you’re sure to learn something new. So why not give it a go? You might be surprised at just how much you know!

Bing birds quiz Questions

1. What are baby Swan called

  • a. pups
  • b. Joeys
  • c. calves
  • d. cygnets

Ans: cygnets

2. What is the only type of birds that can fly backward

  • a. Eagle
  • b. Humming birds
  • c. Ostrich
  • d. Chicken

Ans: Humming birds

3. Which birds lays the largest egg

  • a. Humming birds
  • b. Ostrich
  • c. Song thrush
  • d. Emu

Ans: Ostrich

4. What kind of birds has a huge yellow bill

  • a. Toucans
  • b. Ibises
  • c. Herons
  • d. Puffins

Ans: Toucans

5. Which of these is not flightless birds

  • a. Kiwi
  • b. Penguin
  • c. Owls
  • d. Rhea

Ans: Owls