Bing Shark quiz

Welcome to our ultimate Bing shark quiz that designed to test your knowledge of all things shark-related. From the great white to the hammerhead, we will ask you questions about all of the different types of sharks.

So how well do you know your sharks? Can you identify different species based on their dorsal fins? What is the average size of a great white shark? How do sharks hunt?

Take the quiz and find out!

What Is the Bing Shark Quiz?

The Bing Shark Quiz is a fun and informative quiz that tests your knowledge of sharks. The quiz consists of ten questions, each of which covers a different aspect of shark biology and behaviors.

With questions that range from “What type of shark has the most teeth?” to “What is the biggest shark in the world?”, the quiz covers a wide range of topics. It is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

How to Play Bing Shark Quiz?

To play the shark quiz, you will first need to install the Bing app. Then, open the app and click on the Quiz tab. You will see a list of quizzes, and the shark quiz will be near the top.

The quiz consists of 10 questions, and you will have 10 seconds to answer each question. For each question, you can see four possible answers, only one of which is correct.

If you get a question wrong, you will be given a hint. If you still can’t answer the question, you can use the eliminated answers to help you figure out the correct answer. At the end of the quiz, you will be given your score and a list of all the questions with their correct answers.

What Are the benefits of playing Shark Quiz?

You’re probably familiar with the great white shark, but how much do you know about the other sharks in the ocean? Take the ultimate shark quiz to find out!

The quiz is a fun and informative way to learn more about these fascinating creatures. You’ll learn about their physical features, their diet, and even where they live.

Plus, playing the quiz will give you a chance to win cool prizes. So, what are you waiting for? Start quizzing!

How do you view your results for the Bing Shark Quiz?

How well did you do on the quiz? Were you able to answer all of the questions correctly? Share your results with your friends and see who can get the highest score!

How well do you know your sharks? Test your knowledge with our ultimate shark quiz! From the great white to the goblin shark, we’ll quiz you on everything from their physical features to their habitat and diet.

Bing Shark quiz

Think you can ace the quiz? Give it a go and see how much you really know about these fascinating creatures!

Bing Shark Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Which shark is the most frequent attacker of people?

  • a) Bull shark
  • b) Tiger shark
  • c) Blue shark
  • d) Nurse shark

Ans: Nurse shark

2. Which part of goblin shark is unusual?

  • a) Dorsal fin
  • b) Tail fin
  • c) Gill slit
  • d) Snout

Ans: Dorsal fin

3. Which is the class of sharks?

  • a) Amphibia
  • b) Mammalia
  • c) Gastropoda
  • d) Chondrichthyes

Ans: Chondrichthyes

4. Which is the genus of basking shark?

  • a) Acinonyx
  • b) Panthera
  • c) Cetorhinus
  • d) Neofelis

Ans: Cetorhinus

5. What is the approximate gestation period of blue shark?

  • a) Six months
  • b) Ten months
  • c) One year
  • d) Two years

Ans: One year