Bing Rome Quiz

Bing Rome Quiz is a game that tests your knowledge of the Eternal City. The quiz consists of ten rounds, each focusing on a different aspect of Rome. From ancient history to modern landmarks, the quiz has something for everyone. The questions are all multiple choice, with three possible answers. You get one point for every correct answer, and there is no time limit. So put on thinking your mind and get started!

bing rome quiz

How to Play Bing Rome Quiz?

To enter the Bing Rome Quiz, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Bing homepage and type “Rome quiz” into the search bar.
  • Click on the first link that comes up, which should be a page for the Bing Rome Quiz.
  • On the quiz page, click on the “Start Quiz” button in the upper-right corner.
  • The quiz will start automatically, and you’ll see a series of questions about Rome. Answer them as best you can!
  • When you finish the quiz, you’ll see your score and a list of all the correct answers.
  • Share your score on social media and challenge your friends to do better!

Benefits of Bing Rome Quiz

  • Bing Rome Quiz is a unique and interactive way to learn about different places around the world.
  • You can learn about history, culture, and food of different destinations by taking the quiz.
  • The quiz is made up of questions that are both interesting and educational.
  • You can also earn rewards for completing different levels of the quiz.
  • The quiz is a great way to spend time with friends and family, and it’s also educational.

How to work Bing Rome Quiz?

The Bing Rome Quiz is a game that tests your knowledge of landmarks in Rome. It’s a great way to learn more about this beautiful city and its history. The quiz is easy to use. Just type in the name of the landmark you want to learn about, and the quiz will give you all the information you need. You can also view a map of the location so you can see where it is in relation to other landmarks.

Bing Rome Quiz Questions

1- Which animals are free to roam in Rome and have permits to live where they were born without disturbance?

  • 1- Dogs
  • 2- Cats
  • 3- Snakes
  • 4- Foxes

Ans: 2- Cats

2- How many fountains are there in Rome?

  • 1- 1500
  • 2- 1800
  • 3- 2000
  • 4- 3500

Ans: 3- 2000

3- How many churches are there in Rome?

  • 1- 500
  • 2- 600
  • 3- 700
  • 4- 900

Ans: 2- 600

4- What is the size of Rome in square kilometres?

  • 1- 685 Square Km
  • 2- 885 Square Km
  • 3- 1,085 Square Km
  • 4- 1,285 Square Km

Ans: 4- 1,285 Square Km

5- When was the Great Fire of Rome?

  • 1- BC 64
  • 2- BC 24
  • 3- AD 24
  • 4- AD 64

Ans: 4- AD 64