Animal Quiz

Animal Quiz is a website and app that tests your knowledge of animals. With over 5,000 questions sorted into 26 different categories, it has something for everyone. The questions are typically multiple-choice, and the app includes a progress tracker and leader board to keep you motivated. Animals Quiz is a great way to learn more about the animals that share our planet, and it’s also just fun to take a quiz every once in a while.

How to enter the Animal Quiz?

  • Animal Quiz is a contest in which participants must identify various animals in order to win.
  • To enter, participants must first select an animal from a provided list.
  • They will then be given a series of clues to help them identify the animal.
  • If they are able to correctly identify the animal, they will win a prize.
  • If they are not able to correctly identify the animal, they can continue to guess until they either get it right or run out of guesses.

Benefits of Animal Quiz

Bing Animal Quiz
  • Animal Quiz is an online quiz that helps you learn more about animals.
  • It is educational and fun, and can be taken by people of all ages.
  • The quiz has several benefits, including teaching people about animal conservation, helping to identify different animals, and providing information about animal habitats.
  • It is a great resource for people who love animals and want to learn more about them.

How Animal Quiz work?

Animal Quiz is a game that tests your knowledge of the animal kingdom. To play, select a category from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You will then be presented with a question about animals. There are six possible answers, only one of which is correct.

You have 10 seconds to answer each question. If you don’t know the answer, you can use one of your three help options: 50/50 (which eliminates two incorrect answers), reveal the answer (which will show you the correct answer), or ask for a hint (which will give you a clue about the answer).

If you choose to use one of your help options, you will lose one of your three lives. If you lose all three of your lives, the game is over. At the end of each game, you are given a score and can share it on social media.

Animal Quiz Questions

1. Which of the following birds can see at night?

  • 1. Great Horned Owl
  • 2. House Sparrow
  • 3. Crow Pheasant
  • 4. Pigeon

Ans. 1. Great Horned Owl

2. Which of the following bird’s dives into the water to catch fishes?

  • 1. Hornbill
  • 2. Kingfisher
  • 3. Owl
  • 4. Gannet

Ans. 2. Kingfisher

3. Which bird is symbol of peace?

  • 1. Pigeon
  • 2. Dove
  • 3. Peacock
  • 4. Sparrow

Ans. 2. Dove

4. Which of the following birds eats rats?

  • 1. Spoonbill
  • 2. Pintail duck
  • 3. Tailorbird
  • 4. Owl

Ans. 4. Owl

5. Which of the following birds does not fly?

  • 1. Emu
  • 2. Lbis
  • 3. Gannet
  • 4. Cormorant

Ans. 1. Emu