Bible quiz

A Bible quiz is an opportunity to test your biblical knowledge. Some bible quizzes are general knowledge, while others may focus on a specific topic or book of the Bible. Bible quizzes can be a fun way to learn more about the Bible, and they can also help you prepare for Sunday school or Bible study.

How to Take Bible Quiz?

  • Bible Quiz is an online quiz that tests your knowledge of the Bible.
  • To enter, click the quiz link and answer the questions.
  • You will be scored at the end and can see how you compare to others who have taken the quiz.
  • You can also share your score on social media.
  • Bible Quiz is a great way to learn more about the Bible and test your knowledge.
Bible quiz

Benefits of Bible Quiz

Here are three benefits of Bible Quiz:

  • It strengthens your faith. When you’re quizzing yourself on Scripture, you’re better able to remember and understand it. This not only helps you to grow in your faith but also allows you to defend it against critics.
  • It builds community. When your part of a Bible Quiz team, you develop relationships with others who share your love for the Bible. These friendships can last a lifetime.
  • It sharpens your mind. The mental stimulation that comes with Bible Quiz can help keep your mind young and healthy.

How work Bible Quiz?

Bible Quiz is a great way to learn more about the Bible while also having some fun. The game is easy to play—simply match up the questions with the correct answers. If you get stuck, there’s always a helpful hint to give you a little nudge in the right direction.

You can work your way through the quiz at your own pace, and there’s no time limit so you can take as long as you need. Plus, you can come back and finish where you left off whenever you want. We recommend challenging a friend to see who can get the most correct answers (or just compete for bragging rights). Give it a try—you may be surprised at how much you learn!

Bible Quiz Questions

1. But the Lord is __________________ , who shall establish you, and keep you from evil.”

  • a. powerful
  • b. loving
  • c. faithful
  • d. merciful

Ans: faithful

2. Name the last book in the Old Testament.

  • a. Micah
  • b. Haggai
  • c. Amos
  • d. Malachi

Ans: Malachi

3. About which of the following cities did Amos not prophesy?

  • a. Damascus
  • b. Edom
  • c. Tyre
  • d. Kedesh

Ans: Kedesh

4. What did Moses caution the people against before they entered the promised land?

  • a. eating pork
  • b. complaining
  • c. making idols
  • d. returning to Egypt

Ans: making idols

5. A proverb says that if you don’t learn to control yourself, you’ll end up like this kind of city.

  • a. a prosperous city
  • b. an empty city
  • c. a walled city
  • d. one whose walls have been broken down

Ans: one whose walls have been broken down