Europe Map Quiz

Europe Map Quiz is an educational game that tests players’ knowledge of the different countries in Europe. The quiz consists of a series of questions that ask players to identify different countries on a map, specify their location on the continent, and answer questions about European geography. The game is a fun and interactive way to learn about the different countries in Europe and their locations.

How to play Europe Map Quiz?

  • Select a quiz by continent.
  • Name the countries in the quiz.
  • Click on the map to identify the countries.
  • Check your answers.
  • Earn points for every quiz you complete.
Europe Map Quiz

In order to play the Europe Map Quiz, you first select the continent of your choice from the list provided. Next, you are given a list of countries in that particular quiz. Click on the map to identify each country. When you are finished, check your answers and earn points for every correct answer.

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Why is Europe Map Quiz important?

Europe Map Quiz is important because it allows you to gain an understanding of the different cultures and geography of Europe. This quiz will help you to learn about the people, places, and things that make up this vast continent. By taking this quiz, you will be able to better understand the history, politics, and economy of Europe. Additionally, this quiz will help you to develop an appreciation for the unique culture and heritage of this region. 

What are the benefits of playing Europe Map Quiz?

Playing Europe Map Quiz offers a lot of benefits that can help you learn more about the geography of Europe and improve your knowledge. Some of the benefits include:

  • Learning new information about European countries and their capitals
  • Acquiring a better understanding of European history
  • Becoming better acquainted with the various cultures and lifestyles in different European countries
  • Increased knowledge about the geography of Europe, including mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and other geographical features
  • Increased confidence when travelling to Europe¬†
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How to get the most out of Europe Map Quiz?

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of Europe Map Quiz. First, make sure you’re using a recent version of the quiz. We regularly update the quiz to reflect changes in the region, so using an older version may result in inaccurate answers.

Next, read the questions carefully and take your time before answering. Sometimes there’s more than one answer to a question, so make sure you’re selecting the right one. And lastly, don’t forget to check your results! We provide detailed explanations for every answer, so you can learn from your mistakes and improve your score.

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Europe Map Quiz Questions

1. Which of the following European cities is not a national capital?

  • a) Brussels
  • b) Vienna
  • c) Zurich

Answer: c) Zurich

2. Which of these European countries has the largest area?

  • a) Ukraine
  • b) United Kingdom
  • c) Sweden

Answer: a) Ukraine

3. Which of these European countries does not have a border with Germany?

  • a) Czech Republic
  • b) Italy
  • c) Denmark

Answer: a) Czech Republic

4. Which of these European cities is furthest south?

  • a) Belgrade (Serbia)
  • b) Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • c) Lisbon (Portugal)

Answer: c) Lisbon (Portugal)

5. Which is the correct description of the stripes on the French flag?

  • a) Red, then white, then blue (horizontally, from top to bottom)
  • b) Blue, then white then red (vertically, from left to right)
  • c) Red, then white, then blue, (vertically, from left to right)
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Answer: b) Blue, then white then red (vertically, from left to right)

6. Which of these European countries has a coast on the Mediterranean Sea?

  • a) Macedonia
  • b) Croatia
  • c) Romania

Answer: b) Croatia